What we do

We supply essential, up to date medical aid, pharmaceutical and surgical product and price data to the South African healthcare industry, healthcare practices and companies. Our offices are based in Durban and we supply services to healthcare practices, hospital casualty units and healthcare companies everywhere from Cape Town to as far as Rundu in Namibia. We endeavour to maintain personal contact with all our clients. We obtain the latest medicine and material prices from pharmaceutical companies and the department of health on a daily basis to ensure that our data remains current.

Our history

Willem Oets, a general practitioner based in Amanzimtoti, founded Medprax in 1988 with the aim of creating an electronic Nappi price file to use in his own dispensary. He wanted to simplify the complicated process of keeping up to date with the latest Nappi codes, prices and rules imposed by medical aids for dispensing of medications. His data file was welcomed and implemented by all leading Practice Management systems in South Africa. This Nappi Price file has evolved over the years into a comprehensive drug database and also saw the addition of the Medical aid data file in 1991. Over the years we have eased the tasks of numerous health care groups and Health Funders.

Meet the team


Dr Willem Oets (Founder and Director of Medprax)

Dr Willem Oets started Medprax in 1988. It was his solution for his own practise dispensary to create an electronic Nappi price file that could be updated and imported into his software. This initial spreadsheet was quickly embraced by all major Practice management systems and has since grown into a comprehensive database forming an essential component in daily medical practices across South Africa.

Dr. Niel Oets (CEO)

Niel Oets graduated as medical doctor from Stellenbosch in 2002. Niel has been involved in a private general practice since 2005 and has been running operations at Medprax alongside Dr Willem Oets since 2010.

Yildiz Borrageiro (Nappi codes and pricing for Ethical Medicine )

Yildiz maintains the Medicine data file and is the go-to girl for Nappi codes, prices and data support issues. Furthermore, she deals with our corporate clients and handles most of the practice management issues.

Debbie Jones (Accounts Manager)

Debbie is our accounts administrator and handles all our accounts.

Karen Colby (Nappi codes and pricing for Consumables and Radiology)

Karen maintains and updates the Consumables/Surgical data file and the Radiology data file. She handles all support on these files to all clients and radiologists.

Madeleine Korsten (Pharmacist)

Madeleine is our head pharmacist and handles the more specialised coding. She is actively involved in expanding the medical data products we supply, as required by our clients.

Candice Barker (Support for file downloading and importing into different softwares, unlock keys and Medical Aid queries)

Candice maintains the medical aid file and handles the Medical Aid Queries. Candice is in control of general support and sales. As technology advances, our business keeps evolving. Candice helps us to keep ahead of the game by patiently guiding clients through the latest updating process and handling all support queries and new client applications and data installations.

Terms of Use


Privacy Policy


Medprax terms and conditions

Both the software development company and owner of the software must sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) with Medprax that will allow them to use the file layouts and demo data for the purpose of development and testing only. No licence will be granted to supply data to any third parties unless agreed upon by Medprax. Medprax will not supply a full data file for software development and testing purposes. Once the NDA has been signed you will receive demo data and file layouts and will then be able to develop the interface. Please note that you will be required to incorporate a Medprax security feature into your software. This will be supplied by Medprax for all desktop software.

File Layouts

File layouts will be supplied in Excel spreadsheets which indicate the different tables and how they link up. The data you use will be supplied in a text delimited format.

Contact us if you have any queries regarding the file layout.

An Interface can be written for the following core products

Active X security feature

We require this feature to keep track of all users of our data files. This is a security feature that looks for an unlock key to activate the Medprax interface. Ideally it will be coupled to the Medprax update menu option. The component supplies a lock key that has to be mailed to Medprax or phoned through for Medprax to respond with an unlock key. If this application cannot be utilised, please contact Medprax and we will discuss alternatives.

Our Business model

Once the software is complete, the end user, doctor or pharmacist using the software will have to register with Medprax individually to receive their weekly updates. Medprax does not allow for the Software developer/owner to distribute the Medprax data on our behalf. All clients/end users using Medprax data will require registration with Medprax.


Privacy Policy


Ethical medicine

The list of ethical medicine, which also includes reference pricing that is allocated to each product by the different medical schemes, is essential for all dispensing practices. It will also indicate whether a co-payment is applicable before the patient leaves your rooms. The correct SEP will be listed ensuring rejection free claims.

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Material and injections

The consumable and injection price file is very useful to both dispensing and non-dispensing practices. This file includes all the consumable materials used in your practice, from sutures to gauze to catheters and oxygen masks. These are supplied with current price lists and works with the calculation table within our Medical Aid File to ensure that the correct re-imbursement rates are billed.

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Medical aid schemes

The medical aid file is a necessity in any practice as it contains all the current contact information for each medical scheme, as well as destination codes, switching codes, plans, options and administrators. The file also contains a calculation table that will automatically adjust the billing amount according to the re-imbursement rate of the medical aid you have selected.

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